There are 16 shots of tequila in a standard 750-ml bottle, often called a fifth. Having 16 tequila shots is enough to get you wasted on your own, or you can use one bottle to make 16 cocktails for a chill evening with friends. However, tequila is more than just alcohol; it’s also a fascinating topic of discussion. 

Did you know there was a car that could run on tequila? Or have you heard about the Aztecs’ legend about tequila? We’ve got the answers and more in this article as we explore fascinating trivialities about tequila and other popular alcoholic beverages. Let’s get started.

Tequila Trivialities for More Awesome Parties

If you’re looking for some party conversation starters, here are some engaging tequila facts:

1. Aztecs Considered Tequila as a “Gift from God” 

The ancient Aztecs had a legend that tequila was a potent elixir meant to console someone who had lost a loved one. To make a long story short, two lovers named Mayahuel and Quetzalcoatl had to fight Tzintzimitl, a goddess who devoured light. During the fight, Mayahuel died, leaving Quetzalcoatl in deep sorrow. 

The Gods saw Quetzalcoatl’s grief and decided to grow a plant on Mayahuel’s grave. They added hallucinogenic and potent properties to the plant’s sap for Quetzalcoatl to drink and cope with his misery. This plant is thought to be the agave plant used to make tequila. As a result, tequila, pulque, and other mezcal (agave-based liquors) are regarded as a “Gift from God.”

2. Tequila Takes Time, Skills, and Heart

Due to its high sugar concentrations, Weber azul agave is the only type used to make tequila. Weber azul takes at least seven years to reach maturity. Hence, making premium tequila takes time. And after that long wait, you strip away the leaves and take only the heart or the piña. 

Furthermore, it takes the expertise of a “jimador” to harvest these valuable agave plants. And that’s just the beginning; the piña will then be baked, shredded, and fermented before being distilled and aged to perfection. Hence, tequila is a product of hard work and dedication.

3.  Tequila Can Be Good for Your Health

A shot of tequila for good health? Maybe, yes. Drinking tequila in moderation could benefit your health. Here are some of them:

4. A Mexican President Drove a Tequila-Powered Car

In 1964, Chrysler unveiled its groundbreaking turbine car, which could run on anything from VO5 hairspray and Chanel No. 5 perfume to tequila. To test it, the President of Mexico, Adolfo Mateos, drove the car with its tank loaded with tequila, which worked well. Now, American television host Jay Leno owns the prized tequila-powered car.

5. Mexican Scientists Turned Tequila Into Diamonds

Scientists in Mexico vaporized tequila blanco and deposited it onto stainless steel substrates. This process resulted in the formation of diamond films. Although the diamond films were too small for jewelry, they were heat-resistant and hard enough to be used as coatings for cutting tools, radiation detectors, and other electronic devices. 

Other Fun Booze Trivialities

Infographic image of other fun booze trivialities

We have more trivia about other popular alcoholic beverages for you: 

1. Vodka Can Be Used as Cash Payment in Russia

One of tequila’s favorite partners, vodka, also has a fascinating story. Since the early 1920s, vodka has often served as cash for services and goods in Russia. Even today, a bottle of vodka can be used as payment for small services.

2. Gin and Tonic Protected Soldiers Against Malaria 

During the 18th century, British soldiers stationed in India were given tonic water, a combination of quinine powder, sugar, and soda, to fight malaria. To make it more bearable for soldiers to drink, they added gin. Therefore, many soldiers owe their lives to gin and tonic. 

3. Nikola Tesla Says Chewing Gum Is More Fatal Than Rum

Nikola Tesla, one of the most famous names in the history of electricity, said chewing gum is more dangerous than drinking rum. According to him, alcohol is not a poison but a stimulant for vital processes in the body. It is even believed that he drank whiskey every day. 

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