Sophisticated Highlander Recipe

by Shawn Miller


2 oz. G4 Tequila Blanco

1/2 oz. Dry Vermouth

4 dash Bitters

Lemon or Orange peel garnish


Lots of options here! 1) Add Tequila, Vermouth, and Bitters, to a shaker with ice. Stir well and strain into Martini or Coupes glass. 2) Can also shake your tequini, James Bond style, your choice, but normally stirred is preferred. Can create many subtle flavors with different bitters. Here we made one with traditional bitters and lemon peel and another with orange bitters and orange peel. Experiment to your own taste also by adding more or fewer bitters. *pictured are very pedestrian and inexpensive Vermouth and Bitters which are widely available, we recommend experimenting with these ingredients, many upgrades available here!

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