Among various tequila choices, G4 Tequila emerges as something truly special. What makes it stand out? A dedication to tradition and authenticity that traces back through generations but also is pushing forward efforts in sustainability and efficiency by the hands of Felipe Camarena, aka “The Mad Scientist” of tequila.

G4 Tequila embraces traditional production methods that are becoming increasingly rare in the modern tequila industry. From the meticulous cultivation of agave to the time-honored distillation processes, G4 Tequila showcases a dedication to preserving the best of traditional tequila-making and improving the old ways when more effective, resulting in a range of tequilas that captivate the senses and invite enthusiasts to savor the genuine flavors of Mexico’s iconic spirit.

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History of G4 Tequila

G4 Tequila is a brand of tequila that has gained recognition for its balanced commitment to traditional production methods, high-quality spirits, and innovation. The brand is associated with the Camarena family, who have a rich history in the tequila industry.

The Camarena family has been involved in making tequila in Mexico since the 1800s. Pedro Camarena Ramirez started cultivation of agave around Arandas in the late 1800s. His initial attempt to build a distillery was destroyed during the Mexican Revolution in 1910, but was rebuilt and this is where he trained his three sons, including Felipe’s father, who founded La Alteña Distillery and the brands Tapatio and El Tesoro. His sons, Felipe Camarena and Carlos Camarena, have gone on to found their own distilleries while their 5 sisters continue the legacy of La Alteña.

Felipe Camarena, the driving force behind G4 Tequila, inherits a rich tequila heritage rooted in Mexican culture. As a third-generation tequila producer, he continues a legacy of skill and passion from his family. Inspired by his predecessors, Felipe maintains the time-honored methods that have defined his family’s approach for generations. From the sun-soaked agave fields to the stone ovens and tahona wheels used in the distillery, every step of the process resonates with authenticity.

The journey of Felipe is a harmonious blend of honoring tradition and embracing innovation, resulting in the creation of G4 Tequila. With each bottle bearing his family name, Felipe Camarena pours his heart and heritage into the spirit, inviting enthusiasts to savor the true essence of tequila as it has been crafted for decades—a legacy bottled for a new era.

El Pandillo, where Felipe makes G4 and the brand itself, was built for his sons Felipe and Alan, who are, in fact, the 4th Generation and the drivers of the name G4, meaning simply Generation 4 in Spanish.

G4 Tequila Production

The distillery where G4 Tequila is produced is known as El Pandillo. Located in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, this distillery is dedicated to preserving the authenticity of tequila production. Amidst an industry moving towards automation, El Pandillo distillery stands out by balancing tradition and innovation. The innovation is used to serve sustainability and only where it enhances the quality of the product as well. 

The production process begins with the careful selection of mature agave plants, which are slow-cooked in brick ovens to extract their rich flavors. The cooked agave is then crushed using ”Felipestein,” a mechanical version of the traditional tahona wheel made of a reclaimed 20,000 lb. steamroller running on railcar axles, which enhances the traditional method, creating exceptional flavor with great efficiency of energy, water, and manpower. The extracted juices and fibers are naturally fermented in open-air wooden vats, allowing for the development of complex flavors. After fermentation, the liquid undergoes double distillation in custom-built copper pot stills, resulting in a refined and flavorful tequila. 

G4 Tequila Offerings

G4 Tequila offers a range of tequila products that reflect their commitment to traditional craftsmanship and high-quality production, including:

Infographic image of g4 tequila offerings

G4 Blanco

G4 Blanco is the purest expression of Blue Weber agave, crafted solely from agave, a 50/50 blend of spring water and collected rainwater, and the family’s proprietary agave yeast. With a delicate minerality and gentle aroma, it surprises with bold spiciness and pepperiness, catering to tequila enthusiasts of all levels.

G4 Reposado

Aged for a minimum of six months in very old George Dickel Tennessee whiskey barrels, G4 Reposado exemplifies refinement. It mirrors the landscape with influences from floral, herbal, and citrus plantings. The tasting experience balances hints of peach and grapefruit with subtle pepper and licorice notes, creating a harmonious and refined tequila journey.

G4 Añejo

Aged for 18 months, G4 Añejo acquires a distinct character that harmonizes with its inherent flavors. With gentle smoky notes and aromas, it offers a delightful palate experience. The harmonious blend of agave, vanilla, floral, and peppery undertones, subtly accented by smokiness, makes G4 Añejo a choice for those who appreciate nuanced flavors.

G4 Extra Añejo

Undergoing three years of maturation, G4 Extra Añejo reveals a golden, sumptuous tequila with a smooth, oaky character. Its tasting notes encompass gentle oakiness, fragrant vanilla, and nuanced hints of floral, citrus, and berry. The essence of pure agave flavor flows through it, making it a captivating choice for those seeking depth and refinement.

G4 Blanco 108

G4 Blanco 108 is a robust, high-proof rendition of G4 Blanco, offering intricate aromas, a lingering finish, and a flawless texture. With notes of cooked agave, black pepper, cinnamon, and citrus, it delivers a captivating sensory experience for those seeking a bolder expression.

G4 De Madera Blanco

A limited edition annual release, G4 De Madera Blanco marks the first use of Wood Fermentation at El Pandillo. It is the sole G4 expression crafted with deep well water, contributing an additional layer of depth and complexity. Its bold flavors of cooked agave, black pepper, spices, and nuttiness make it a distinctive choice.

Choose G4 Tequila

Elevate your tequila experience to new heights with G4 Tequila. From its rich heritage rooted in tradition to its commitment to crafting exceptional quality in a sustainable way, G4 Tequila is a choice that resonates with true tequila enthusiasts. As Felipe J. Camarena himself says, “I’m not in the business of making fancy bottles. I’m in the business of making great tequila.”

Embrace the legacy, savor the authenticity, and indulge in the distinct flavors that only G4 Tequila can deliver. Raise your glass and celebrate the essence of tequila like never before. Choose G4 Tequila and embark on a journey of taste and tradition that’s truly unparalleled.

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