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G4 Reviews

Well this is fun!

We hit Create a new Reel and the “Magic” “Made for you” option and Instagram threw all these fun friends together!

Happy #TequilaTuesday all!


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This #FelipeFriday we join Felipe in his art and science of distillation in making G4 Tequila!

Discover the meticulous process that transforms agave into liquid deliciousness. From the fields to your glass, every drop is a masterpiece.

Felipe shows you also the new large still for ordinario which is helping increase production of G4 Tequila.

Innovation, tradition, and perfect sipping tequila!

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Sumérgete en el arte de la destilación con Felipe Camarena, el genio detrás de G4 Tequila. Descubre el meticuloso proceso que transforma el agave en oro líquido. Desde los campos hasta tu copa, cada gota es una obra maestra.

Acompaña a Felipe mientras desentraña los secretos de la destilación de G4 Tequila.

Salud a la artesanía, la tradición y el sorbo perfecto!

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We are sending best wishes and big hugs to all of our friends in the U.S.A.

Wishing you all a very nice Thanksgiving holiday.

We are so thankful for all of you who enjoy our tequila.

We are thankful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!



Wishing all a Happy #TequilaTuesday as Felipestein rolls on crushing and releasing the precious sweet honey of our highland agave.

Felipestein is a mechanical tahona made of reclaimed industrial parts and making a more efficient outcome than the old rotary tahona.

Just a small part of making G4 Tequila a world class spirit but one of the most visually stunning parts and entirely unique to El Pandillo.

We hope you have a taste of G4 today and that you enjoy our tequila!


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Simply wishing you all a happy and healthy #FelipeFriday and we hope you all get to enjoy a little taste of some of the very finest, authentically made and additive free, tequila.

Salud, Amigos, we appreciate you all!

#G4tequila #Tequila #AdditiveFree #ProducerOwned

The watchful eye of the Master Ingeniero as another load of ripe AF agave drops to make more G4 Tequila on a #FelipeFriday.

Best wishes to you all from Casa de G4, El Pandillo in Jesús Maria, Jalisco.


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El Inge, why did you create Felipestein, the mechanical tahona of El Pandillo?

This is a very special piece of video capturing Felipe Camarena telling the story behind the creation of his mechanical tahona and the better than expected outcome from his experiment.

Thank you for learning more about how G4 is made!

We think the tequila we are making today is the best that our family has ever made and we are very proud. We hope you like it.

Thank you for watching and for supporting G4.


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Another truck load of G4 Tequila Blanco is heading for the USA today, one per week lately, and this is the best G4 we have ever produced.

The flavor and aroma and mouthfeel are all out of this world!

Inge has blended in 10% of de Madera made with rainwater and wow!

Thank you all for the support that makes this all possible! We’re so grateful that you enjoy the tequila.

See you soon!


#G4tequila #Tequila #AdditiveFree and #ProducerOwned

Why can’t you find G4 Anejo?

Barrels, frankly, there aren’t very many and making Anejos takes years of time and so, a huge investment is being made and here is an update on the progress!

The new cava has 3’ thick hand cut and laid stone and that part is finished.

Plans for the very fancy top floors have been placed on hold for the sake of tequila aging and a simple roof has been installed.

The floor is being prepared now, as you can see.

We hope to have barrels in the new cava by the end of the year.

Someday, there will be A LOT more aged expressions of G4!

One thing to note, we can build a big cava, but we can’t replicate the ancient barrels which have always been used for G4. This is why we’re testing new barrels and blends with our current Reposado batches.

So far everyone loves the new profiles, but change is hard. How did you like the Lot 12R Reposado?

Another shipment of blended barrel Reposado is coming in about two weeks!

Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement and understanding we appreciate you all so much!


#G4tequila #FelipeFriday #AgedTequila

Special Release: G4 Tequila “6 Barrels” Anejo

The most unique tequila ever bottled as G4.

In the summer of 2021, a young couple approached the Mad Scientist about helping them to make a new tequila in an entirely new way. He agreed and the outcome of the test batch is now a very limited release of G4 Anejo that we called “6 Barrels”.

Pandillo agave, horno cooking, and Felipestein were used, but that’s the last normal part of the process used.

Only rainwater was used.

The mosto was fermented in some oak barrels using champagne yeast with no added heat.

Distillation was done outside using Felipe’s “Mezcal Still” a small copper pot and coil set up fired by propane gas and occasionally used for very small test batches. This little still takes a long time to run and has to be managed carefully.

The resulting tequila has been resting for 30 months in 6 barrels, 4 cognac, and 2 chardonnay wine.

These 6 barrels were blended together and bottled as G4 Anejo, but VERY different than any G4 before or ever again.

There are only 300 cases, 1800 bottles.

The “6 Barrels” sticker is the only point of differentiation, otherwise, it is a G4 Anejo bottle and label.

The SRP is $149.99

Because this is so small it is only going to CA, NY, NJ, DC, MD, SC, FL, IL, WI, and MN.

It has shipped to these Distributors and will be available as soon as it arrives and they put it out.

This is available only in the U.S. and only in these States. Great apologies to everyone else, but this is a very small batch.

Very unusual, very delicious, will not be repeated, something altogether unique.

Tasting notes: Floral and sweet nose with plenty of agave. The notes of the cognac are present in the flavor. Rainwater mouthfeel is remarkable as we know from other G4. The finish is clean and exceptionally long.

Thank you as always for your tremendous interest and support in all things G4 and we really hope that those who get these bottles enjoy them as something truly exceptional and unique.


#G4tequila #Anejo #SpecialRelease

Remember when we asked you to try G4 Tequila Blanco Lot 23?

Many of you did and 99.9% LOVED it. (There were one or two who asked that El Inge not alter perfection).

But he’s called the Mad Scientist for a reason and he always wants to make G4 the best tequila that he can make.

So, Lot 23 includes 10% of the tequila fermented in the wooden tanks but unique from G4 de Madera in that Lot 23 used rainwater and Madera used well water.

Therefore the uniqueness that everyone loved in Lot 23 was the most rainwater % ever in G4 and a good portion of the flavor of the wood fermentation.

Is this the new profile of G4?

Maybe. But for now, there are 5 truckloads of G4 Blanco coming to the U.S., Lot 24-28, and all are this profile.

We can’t say that he won’t do more experiments and we can’t say that there is always enough rain to do exactly this profile but for now the batch everyone is raving about will be the next loads of G4.

As always we are so grateful to all of you for your support of our family and team and know that we are working very hard to make as much G4 as possible and better than ever before!


#G4tequila #FelipeFriday #Tequila

Everyone gets very excited about a Special Release like the Dia de Los Muertos bottles but in the mean time an actual more amazing thing is happening for G4.

We are in the middle of shipping 5 trucks of G4 Tequila Blanco, 1 Truck of G4 Tequila Reposado, and a mixed Truck of 108 and a very unique Anejo, all within 5 weeks time.

This is more G4 than has shipped in almost all of the previous 5 whole years!

Distillery production is focused on G4 and our distribution partners in the U.S. are focused on G4 and G4 is growing in multiples right now!

We know that this still will not meet the demand for the brand in the market but we’re very excited about what is happening and we’re extremely grateful to everyone for the support which puts us in this position.

If you can’t find G4 on a shelf or for your bar, just know that extraordinary effort is underway to get it to you and that we’re super grateful for you patience.

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you for enjoying our family’s tequilas we’ll keep up our best efforts.


#G4tequila #Tequila #AdditiveFree #FamilyOwned

The Home jersey - G4 Tequila Blanco at 40%, always ready to defend the house with smooth play and excellent execution.

The Away jersey - G4 Tequila Blanco High Proof “108”, is never intimidated and always brings all the flavor punch even on the road.

The Alternative jersey - The Special Release G4 Tequila Blanco “de Madera” es fermentado en madera and always a creative and complex fan favorite when it comes around. You always have to collect your team’s Alt Jersey!

Which one is your favorite?

Happy #FelipeFriday everyone!

We’ve officially shipped 3X as much G4 to the US as any year prior, in 9 months of 2023, and y’all barely let it hit shelves. Thank you!

We’re committed to excellence but we can’t do what we do without your support. 🥰


#G4tequila #Blanco #AdditiveFree

The first cases of G4 Tequila de Madera Reposado in the Special Edición boxes for Dia de Los Muertos started delivering to stores in California yesterday and we’re thrilled to see so many happy faces sharing their newest G4, thank you so much for your support of this Special Release.

This presentation has been a dream of Felipe for many years and the whole team has worked so hard not just on the tequila as normal but on this special presentation and we’re all very excited and proud to share with you.

We’ve received 100’s of messages about where to get one and the answer is always to ask your favorite store where you would normally find G4. That is where they will be available and as soon as they arrive.

There are 6000 cases in the United States. Originally Felipe wanted them to be shipped all over the world because he is so excited about them, but the presentation was so complicated to assemble that at last minute he decided to send them all to the US to be on time for Dia.

*Yes, there are a few also at the Distillery if you’re visiting soon or live nearby.

Thank you all again for your support of G4.

We are so grateful and proud.

Very happy #FelipeFriday to you all!



Happy #FelipeFriday everyone!!!

Someone commented that we had outdone ourselves with the new 108 label, somehow managing to make it even uglier than the regular Blanco label!

Felipe’s famous quote about making great tequila, not fancy bottles, aside…

How does everyone like the new 108 in Silver?

Who’s been able to taste it? What do you think of this expression?

We humbly believe that this bottle is the closest flavor to distilled roasted agave as one can buy today, but that’s our opinion and what matters most is what you think!

More pallets of 108 are shipping to the US next week and we plan to have this consistently available going forward.

Best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy Felipe Friday with some lovely tequila to share with some lovely people.


#G4tequila #HighProof #Tequila

Introducing the Special Edition of G4 Tequila for Día de Los Muertos and the first de Madera Reposado.

There are a total of 6000 boxes to be sold in the U.S.

The U.S. Suggested Retail Price is $299.99

Otherwise, there are some available at the Distillery, but not in retail distribution in Mexico. And there may be some later for other Export markets like Japan or England but that is not clear at this time.

Most have arrived at our warehouse in CA and will be shipping around the U.S. over the next few weeks, just in time for Dia. The rest will arrive in another week and ship immediately also.

They will ship to all of the States that normally have G4 and will be allocated to accounts that have previously supported G4 (other than Ohio, very sorry Ohio, and probably Michigan unless the state moves faster than they usually do).

There are three versions of the top medallion on the coffin. A dead Felipe or Alan (depending on which one of them you ask), an R.I.P. El Pandillo, and a beautiful Calavera. These are being shipped in total random, and the individual boxes will show which is inside.

Every detail of the labels has been customized for this release, the necker even features a calavera bull in the Pandillo logo and a special side sticker of another beautiful calavera.

The Tequila is a Lot 1.5, if you will, of G4 de Madera, which is made using deep well water and pine wood fermentation tanks. The Madera was aged for 7 months in the traditional, old, Dickel Whiskey barrels of G4 in the basement of the distillery.

The nose is distinct from any previous bottle of G4 and the flavor profile is unique and delicious. The ABV is 42%.

We’re so grateful to see Felipe’s 10 year dream of a special edition for Dia de Los Muertos finally come to be. This will be an amazing treasure for G4 fans.

Thank you!

#G4tequila #diadelosmuertos

Coming for Dia de Los Muertos 2023…

Special Release G4 Tequila de Madera Reposado.

Details coming soon…

Happy #FelipeFriday to all!

#G4tequila #Tequila #G4deMadera #DiaDeLosMuertos

Agave lessons with 1/2 of the 4th G in G4, Alan Camarena, from the harvest process in the agave field next to the distillery in Jesús Maria, Jalisco.

Did you know that the agave used to make tequila are male and female?

These parts are removed in the process of making G4 Tequila to protect the sugar content and to prevent bitter notes.

Helping to ensure the most delicious craft Tequila our family has ever made. Completely natural and free of any additives. Just water, yeast, and delicious ripe agave are used.

We hope you get to try our tequila and we hope that you enjoy it and share it with some good friends.

Best wishes from our family to yours!

G4 Tequila, 4 Generations of Tequila Mastery and the House Brand of 1A or 1B the highest regarded tequila distillery in Mexico.


#G4tequila #Agave #AdditiveFree #Tequila