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We’re celebrating #FelipeFriday and we’re so happy you stopped by our Instagram!

Thank you for your interest in G4 Tequila!

G4 represents the 4th Generation of tequila mastery from the Camarena family in Arandas, Jalisco and we think that our current Tequila is the best our family has ever made.

We hope you’ll try it and let us know how you like it.


#G4tequila #AdditiveFree #Tequila #Arandas #Jalisico #NoCelebritiesHere #Authentic

Más agave!

Más tequila!

We’re working very hard making the best tequila that our family has ever produced. Today’s G4 we do believe is the best tequila.

We hope you agree!

Thank you for drinking G4 and for your patience if you are still looking for a bottle to drink.

Happy #FelipeFriday to everyone, everywhere!

Amor y abrazos, Amigos!


#G4tequila #TequilaG4 #Tequila #Agave #LosAltos

There is always a lot of fan fare here about the making of G4, but without those who pour it out and drink it, there would be nothing to fan fare about!

Thank you for your support of G4 Tequila and your many G4 Post Tags and thank you also for your patience if you’re one of the many messaging us about not being able to find some.

We’re making more G4 as fast as we can and we’re planning and investing for the future with more tequila to share.

If you’ve not tried G4 yet, we hope that you get to soon and we hope that you enjoy it.


#G4tequilla #Tequila #AdditiveFree #Authentic

Hoping you all have rain drops in your tequila this Cinco de Mayo and wishing you a very festive and joyful #FelipeFriday wherever you may be today.

G4 Tequila is a 50/50 blend of rainwater made tequila and spring water made tequila. The best agave from Los Altos. Oven roasted. Tahona crushed. Fermented with natural agave yeast. And distilled to perfection in custom designed and build copper pot stills.

El mejor tequila posiblemente. We hope you will try our tequila and we hope that you enjoy it.

Gracias, amigos, y buen día a todos!


#cincodemayo #tequila #G4tequila

Wishing everyone a wonderful #FelipeFriday of good #Tequila and good friends.

From El Pandillo to you, Salud!


#G4tequila #Salud #ElPandillo

In case you thought we aren’t making G4 as fast as we can!

Check out the bees checking out our cooked agave. Felipe calls them “Sweetness Inspectors”. They are experts in quality sugar.

We’re sorry that Instagram does not have a smelling feature so you could enjoy the aroma of the oven baked agave.

Happy #FelipeFriday everyone!

We hope you are well and are enjoying a nice Tequila today.


#G4tequila #Tequila #Agave #LosAltos

La jima. The harvest.

Of ripe agave from our own ranch.

We keep harvesting to make more G4 Tequila.

We have plenty of rainwater and more rain will come soon.

Thank you for trying our tequila we think that now it is the best that we have ever made.

Thank you for watching us harvest the agave and we hope to see you again soon.


#tequila #G4tequila #agave #jalisco

It’s a great feeling when all the fermentation tanks are full and you know that a lot more G4 is in process.

Aureliano will be very busy distilling 24 hours a day!

More tequila coming soon!

Notice the open tanks and open windows which allows for natural yeast coming in from the agave and our citrus trees.


#G4tequila #Tequila #Distillery #Jalisco #Mosto

We’ve just shipped another truckload of G4 Blanco!

Working hard to send a truck to the U.S. every two weeks.

We know it’s not enough for everyone, but we’re increasing without any reduction in quality, actually we’re confident that our quality is improving with our improvements in efficiency.

More coming soon!


#G4tequila highest quality #Tequila

Level 99 Tequila Nerd info coming…

There is steam escaping from the top of the oven.

Isn’t that inefficient when Pandillo is all about efficiency?

Yes, but…

Within the steam allowed to leak there is also methyl alcohol. Allowing some methanol to cook off here reduces the amount that must be cooked off or thrown out during distillation which allows us to retain more complex character in the bottles of G4 Tequila.

Salud, Amigos!

#G4tequila #Distillery #ElPandillo #Agave #TequilaNerd #Tequila

Sorry to stress everyone out, yesterday.

Here’s some nice, relaxing, water flowing to calm y’all down.

This is the water feature that is both pretty to look at and keeps the stored rainwater fresh for making more G4.

Enjoy the solitude with a sip of G4 Blanco!


#G4tequila #Tequila #ElPandillo #Rainwater

We’re excited to announce our newest Special Release…

G4 Tequila Extra Añejo Cristalino

Sorry this is only a sample label, but obviously the aged tequila will be filtered until it is crystal clear.

Alan Camarena, Felipe’s younger son, has just returned from a special school on the use of ‘abocados’ so we think you will really enjoy his specially added hint of “Tootsie Roll” flavor on the finish.

There will be only 300 bottles, each hand signed and numbered by Alan, personally.

Because of the limited quantity, the bottles will only be available in Arandas, very sorry, but this is too special to allocate through normal channels and Alan really doesn’t want Felipe to hear about this, so please no one say anything to Felipe!

Thank you everyone for your support as always and we wish you all a really great April Fool’s Day!


#G4tequila #Cristalino #SpecialRelease

Thank you all for your amazing support of G4 on this lovely #FelipeFriday.

Felipe thought you might enjoy sharing a ride down the old cobblestone road that leads to El Pandillo and to see some of our young juelos along the way.

Best to you all, we appreciate you trying our tequila and we hope that you enjoy it!


#tequila #G4tequila #ElPandilo #losaltos #agave #agavefields #distillery #jesusmaria

Shall we share some #TequilaTuesday fun???

Remember Lot 12B from last year?

If not, do you remember the special release “de Madera”?

Lot18B, arrived Thursday in California and is shipping around the country this week, like Lot 12B, this new Lot has 5% of the tequila from the wooden fermentation tanks.

Not enough to be a real “Special” but if you’re a G4 Fan it’s enough to notice and worthy of checking bottles for.

Lot18B (as shown in the photo) will appear all over the country and over the next 1-3 weeks depending how far you are from California.

Happy Hunting for some of you and for the rest of you, it’s delicious Blanco Tequila just enjoy having more G4!


#G4tequila #Blanco #Tequila

One more run for Felipestein on this very productive #FelipeFriday.

We are cooking, milling, fermenting, snd distilling more G4!

You will see this soon… thank you for drinking our tequila, we’re very grateful for you.


#G4tequila #tahona #agave #tequila #distillery

It’s #FelipeFriday and Tequila Wanderer #FinalFour…

We appreciate your Vote for G4 Tequila into the Championship Round!

“The Tequila Wanderer” Story on Instagram.


Round 2:

G4 vs another MUCH BIGGER Brand.

Please check out @the_tequila_wanderer story and Vote G4!


This audio track is called “Flavortown” so welcome to our Flavortown of Tequila G4!

This is Aureliano who is the one most of the time running distillation at El Pandillo.

Best wishes to you all, we’re making more G4 as fast as we can!


#g4tequila #tequila #copperpotstill #distillery #distillation #crafttequila #blanco #salud

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