Caro Recipe The Bad Bunny

by Shawn Miller


1 1/2 oz. G4 Tequila Reposado

3/4 oz. Joven Mezcal

3/4 oz. Lime Juice

1/2 oz. Italicus Rosolio di Beramotto

1/2 oz. Cardamom Infused Agave

1 oz. Topped with East Imperial Grapefruit Soda

Chipotle Salted Rim

Lime Wheel garnish


Combine all your ingredients into a mixing tin and shake it up. Prep your Collins glass by giving it a chipotle salt rim. Fill your glass up with ice and strain your tin contents into the glass. What ties this cocktail all together is the East Imperial Grapefruit soda. Not too sweet and the right amount of bitter and citrus, this grapefruit soda brings this cocktail to life. Top your cocktail with this soda and you have yourself the perfect Paloma!

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